We want your feedback!

We want to hear your feedback about Oedipus Rex!

Thanks again to our wonderful actors:
Sarah Pretz, Chase McCurdy, Patrick T. Murphy, Kate Healy, Elise Swinford, Arne Saupe, Zach Elbert, Hannah Huey, and Liz Chase

Thank you also to the Oracle Theatre for sharing their space with us. Catch their production of Woyzeck, now extended!

We had a great discussion after the reading and at Michael’s afterward. We want to hear more! Leave a comment with your thoughts. If you  were unable to be a part of the conversation, shoot an email to opensourcetheatreproject@gmail.com and we’ll send you over a copy to peruse.
What did you think about the directorial choice to have a female Oedipus?
What struck you more, the issue of fate v. free will, or the psychological issues of repression and denial?


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