Meet the Cast of Oedipus Rex: the staged reading

We’ve got a lot of new faces for our staged reading of Oedipus Rex, seen one night only, tomorrow at the Oracle.

Introducing Liz Chase and Zach Elbert! Both members of our esteemed Citizenry!

Liz Chase

Liz Chase graduated Michigan State University with a BA in Theatre, a BA in Communication and a Dance Specialization.  Liz has been keeping busy taking classes/interning with Profiles Theatre, along with acting as the Artistic Manager for Corpo Arts Dance Company.  Liz is super excited to be working with Eileen again and would like to thank her for this opportunity.  Liz would also like to thank Chuck Norris for keeping it real.

Zach Elbert, pictured with Elise Swinford, who is featured in our staged reading as The Priest

Zach is a 23-year old male human, born in Omaha, NE, who was transplanted in Chicago for schoolings. Now that his academic endeavors have been carried out, he spends his days directing marketing operations for an insurance firm in the Loop. When not at work, Zach can most likely be found doing the following:
 1. Catching up on Teen Mom 2
2. Auditioning for Swedish reality TV shows
3. Drinking copious amounts of red wine
4. Perfecting his Liza Minelli and Carol Channing impersonations (raaaaaaaaaaspberrrrrries)
5. Trollin’
6. Speaking French to his imaginary family in Marseilles while in the grocery store.
7. Sleeping
8. Trollin’
 Zach would like to dedicate his performance to Catherine Middleton, who has shown that any small-town girl can grow up to become a fabulous queen.
Come down and watch Liz and Zach (and Elise) and the rest of cast Greek it up tomorrow night at 8PM at the Oracle Theater.
– Eileen

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