The Comfort Station Plays tech (and what’s next?)

Sooo this weekend was our big tech weekend. On Saturday, we got all of the actors in the space and Sunday we gathered our entire team in one room. It’s always a good feeling to get all the people in the room and to feel the creative energy from everyone who is contributing to the project.

The Comfort Station Plays is a unique experience in that it is comprised of three different plays, with separate playwrights, directors, and casts, but it is essentially one play. This usually results in a festival-style piece, and the pieces transition on and off. However, this project has a through line, as the evening consists of three plays, but one history. When we brought the ensemble of actors together for the first time, there were a lot of introductions and hand shaking.  They were soon grouped together to create an outline for our movement-based Prologue, featuring a Carl Sandburg poem.

It really is astounding how quickly an ensemble of artists can coalesce and begin generating ideas. Seeing the three pieces together for the first time was a solid reminder of the scope of our project.

We hope you will come share this history with us this weekend!

Annnnnnnnd what’s next for Open Source Theatre Project, you ask? After a good solid nap, we will be producing a staged reading of a brand new, world premiere adaptation by Barry Eitel. More information to come later, we’re eye-poppingly excited about it. Stay tuned!


Eileen Tull

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