Chicago in 1918 was a volatile place. World War I was reaching an end, the Spanish Flu raged through the world, and the city by the lake was experiencing regular domestic terrorist bombings  as a result of union disputes.

1918 is the first year featured in our next project The Comfort Station Plays.  This play is written by yours truly and directed by Artistic Head Barry Eitel.

I wanted to share a little of my research with you as I continue to finesse my play, a piece about two immigrant girls searching for a better life in Chicago’s Logan Square.

Here are just a few images that inspired or informed me.


A map of the Chicago Streetcar Transit System circa 1918

Chicago Influenza Epidemic circa 1918

Flyers Posted Around Chicago to Prevent the Spread of the Influenza Epidemic

I was very inspired by the Influenza Epidemic and the idea that people are so afraid of one another. Just by being around other people, the posters would say, put your life in danger.

Armistice Day in Chicago 1919

An ad in a local paper, urging Chicago to vote to keep the city dry

As we move along in the process of the production, we hope to share working drafts and rehearsal notes with you, readers!

Thanks for reading!
Eileen Tull



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