Growing in Spurts–Exciting News

Hello web wide world,

How are you?  It’s been awhile, and we apologize.  But we’re back and bigger than ever.  We got some drafts already!  And some casts!  The Comfort Station Plays is in full effect.  OSTP is taking aim at Chicago history, slapping it on-stage like only we can.  And it’s going to go up for your viewing pleasure for ONE WEEKEND in April.  And it will be free.  Tell your friends.  Tell your loved ones.  Tell everyone else, too.

April 14th-17th, 8 PM
Logan Square Comfort Station, 2595 N Milwaukee Ave (across from the beautiful Logan Square)

1918 by Eileen Tull
dir. by Barry Eitel

1933 by Ben Brownson
dir. by Kaitlen Osburn

1949 by Dusty Wilson
dir. by Hannah Friedman

Expect some influenza, prohibition, and post-war commercialism.

A warm welcome to all the new Open Sourcers, and a welcome-back to those returning.

Check back often for updates!



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