Meet Our Team: Patrick T. Murphy!

Patrick T. Murphy brings his mischievous spirit to the role of Mak, a loveless local hustler, who’s motives might be less thieving than they appear.

Patrick T Murphy is excited to be part of Open Source Theatre’s inaugural production, as well as under the direction of Eileen Tull once again.  Patrick performed in a production of SAVAGE IN LIMBO, directed by Eileen, as the role of “Murk,” for which he won the Best Actor in the Studio Award at Loyola University Chicago last year.  Recently, Patrick has performed in the ensemble group 9PE Comedy across Chicagoland, as well productions of SPEED-THE-PLAY (Teach/Gould) and the world premiere of THE LARAMIE PROJECT: 10 YEARS LATER (Dave O’Malley/Aaron McKinney).  More recently, Patrick has been stage managing various performances for 16th Street Theater and Teatro Luna, where he will also be returning for more productions in 2011.  Patrick will next be performing in CHICAGO MUMMING PLAYS 2010 with Blunt Objects Theatre; he will also be acting as the Managing Director of Inconceivable Theatre in 2011.  Most importantly, Patrick would like to dedicate this production to Mark Gayton, uncle and godfather.  L’chaim!


One response to “Meet Our Team: Patrick T. Murphy!

  1. So proud of my little brother! Can’t wait to see you in action once again on Friday!

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