Next Project

A quick update on what we’re planning on next.

Considering our mission, we thought it would be great to go back to some of the first dramas in Western theatre history (which also happen to be free) in a project tentatively named Greek F**k.

We’ve started work on the project, which will be an Open Source adaptation of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles (a tacit corollary to our mission is ‘go big or go home’).  We hope to put this on in the Fall, exact date and place TBA.

In the spirit of Open Sourceness, I’d like to reveal some sources I’m using to come up with the text for Oedipus, and welcome any admissions or thoughts from you, internet denizens.

Here are some primary sources:

Ian Johnston’s Translation

Aristotle on Oedipus

This is just a short list, with lots more to come.  If you have any information or thoughts, help us out. Either comment here or e-mail to


–Open Source


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